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Welcome to Persian fire shisha hire, we specialise in providing everything you require for an authentic shisha experience. We offer a large range of services that will truly deliver a bespoke eastern feel to your event. Our shisha hire is competitively priced whilst still offering a first class service.DSC_0447

We have a variety of al-fakher shisha flavours to choose from, and with our range of hand-made Egyptian and Turkish shisha pipes and experienced shisha servers at hand you’re sure to have a smooth, thick and full flavoured smoke.

IMG_1131We are dedicated to presenting your guests with all the sights, sounds and scents of an Eastern hideaway.  We can offer a marquee for hire, which is decorated with Moroccan style throws, cushions, tables and lanterns. Should you not need the marquee we can decorate any area you wish to create your unique eastern experience.

If all you want is to have shisha in the comfort of your own home for a party or just relaxing with a few friends, we can provide you with all the kit you need to have a great night! We can also offer our own experienced shisha servers, should you want someone to attend to the pipes at your party.

Any questions you may have about any of our services you can send an enquiry, message us on any of our social media accounts or alternatively:



History of Shisha


Many countries including Turkey, Iran and Egypt fight over the origins of the shisha or Hookah pipe. Therefore pinpointing the exact journey of this ancient custom to modern day use is quite tricky. However the general consensus is that it originated in the North Western regions of India around 600 years ago and that it was originally used in India to extract the medicinal value contained in plant seeds. The original shape has a similar resemblance to the models we use today. The base was made out of a hollowed out coconut shell with a straw placed inside for the purposes of inhaling substances placed inside.Coconut Shisha

It was the Persians that developed the shisha pipe even further, bringing it closer to its modern form. This gave us our inspiration. They substituted the straw originally used by the Indians, with a soft and more flexible hose, making the shisha pipe more practical and easier to handle.  Then the influx of tobacco to this region revolutionised shisha smoking as the Persians experimented with the possibility of inhaling it using the shisha pipe. Thus Persian fire was born.

Overtime further developments were added to this model such as, the clay top, the mouthpiece and the glass base (the shishe – a Persian word meaning glass which gave the custom one of its modern day names).

In 1554 a man named Hakem from Aleppo and his partner, a nobleman by the name of Hems from Damascus opened the first shisha bar.  459 years later, Persian Fire opens its very own mobile shisha bar in the heart of England founded on the very same principles as the original.